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Lettermarks Logo Design

Lettermarks logos are also known as monogram logos. You have probably noted the logos of IBM, CNN, HP, and HBO. These famous business logos are excellent examples of lettermarks. They are created in the form of initials of the company names.


Wordmarks logos are known also as logotypes. These logos are similar to a lettermark. A wordmark logo design is based on a business’ name alone. These are font-based logos. One of the finest examples of such logos are that of Coca-Cola and Visa.

Logo Symbols

Known also as pictorial marks, logo symbols or brand marks are graphic-based logo designs. A bright example of such logos is iconic Apple logo. The Twitter bird logo and the Target bullseye logos are also inspirational examples. Since these brands are now well established and recognized, their logos hold iconic status.

Abstract Logo Marks

An abstract logo mark uses an abstract image and is a specific type of pictorial logo. Usually, instead of a recognizable image, these logos have abstract geometric forms. The Pepsi divided circle is an example of such logos. The adidas flower logo is another great example of an abstract logo mark.


The mascot logo is mostly used for creating some fun in the design. So, if you want to create your own brand person using your logo, then go for this type of logo. The KFC logo and Mr Peanut logo are great examples of the logos from the mascot logo category.

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